Wednesday, July 22, 2020

China is pushing India 

In last sic months or so, China is trying to encroach upon the territory integrity of India as well as many small island nations around South China Sea. It is because China assumes that those small countries will be unable to face the onslaught of China. Reason being they have limited  resources, both economic and defence. 

China's exports travel through Malaka straight and that route is intercepted by Indian waters. Therefore, if China resorts to a mischievous misadventure of blocking small island countries by dominating South China Sea, showing scant respect to international law, it losses to claim any right over free unhindered passage through Malaka straight and Indian waters and that will be very costly proposal for Chain, because it will push China to change its navigation route through or below Indonesia, which will be circuitous increasing the cost of export. 

It is trying to sandwich India between Arunachal Pradesh, Nepal, Ladakh and Aksai Chin on North and by putting its feet in Sri Lanka, Iran. But China is forgetting that Rusia form North, Japan form North East, Australia from South  and England, Germany etc form West are all with India, because China is adopting imperialism design. 

India's democratic values are very strong and well rooted. And so, America, England, Germany. France, Australia and Japan, all are willing to make a safety-net around India. 

India, unlike India in 1962, is well prepared, agile and all alert to push back China like it had done in Doklam and Galwan. 

China, at the same time, is facing home turmoil in Hong Kong and even in main country. Taiwan is opposing China too. India with its "Peace & Prosperity for All"  had already won the hearts of all. India' Army, Navy and Air Force are well equipped and strengthened better today. Indian scientists and organization like DRDO, RD&EE etc. are providing full support defence services to augment their  assailing powers. 

India is within its rights to protect its territorial integrity & nation's sovereignty and is determined to assert everywhere and anywhere, at any cost. 

#sovereignty #terriotorialintegrety #peaceand prosperity #democracy #internaitonallaw, #indianwaters 

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