Monday, July 20, 2020

You Also Have Inner Power

Story Excerpt from “Marriage which could not be stopped” from the E-Book
Shweta called her father and communicated, “Papa, I decided to get marry. Shweta was waiting for her father’s response, but the call got disconnected. So, she called up again, but her father was not picking up. She got an audio message form her father, You know the ritual of throwing rice and coins symbolizes that you are repaying back us, for keeping you in the house and spreading happiness and prosperity in all corners of the house. Bitiya, hamne kya gunah kiya jo tum hame bidaikee rasm bhi nasseb nahi kar rahi ho?” She heard that and her heart started lamenting with an anguish and pain. She, for a moment felt that she is robbing priceless memorable happy moment form her father and mother too. She got uneasy and restless. What to do? 

“Mr Shekhawat, now this court passes this order. I rely on the judgement of Hon. Supreme Court of India, on the point of two adults marrying from different castes. ‘Once the fundamental right is inherent in a person, the intolerant groups who subscribe to the view of superiority class complex or higher clan cannot scuttle the right of a person by leaning on any kind of philosophy, moral or social, or self-proclaimed elevation.

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